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Zer0 Exterieur

Zer0 Deck and Sail Cleaner is amazingly effective on all hard and soft materials on the exterior of your boat.  Using modern enzyme technology that uses gentle surfactants combined with friendly bacteria and enzymes chosen specifically to counter the stains found on deck like scuff marks or the mould on cratch covers and bimini’s

The target objective for Zer0 Deck and Sail cleaner was the question “if it was washed into a canal, would it course harm” as there can be no other piece of water more sensitive to pollution. The answer is YES, if washed off a boat into the water it will result in Zer0 harm.

This meets and exceeds MARPOL ANNEXV “not harmful to the marine environment” ….and unlike solvent cleaners this modern cleaning product goes on cleaning after you put the cloth away!