Washable Turbo Charger Filters

As the market leading provider of high performance permanent air filters to the Marine Industry, our mission is to provide a sustainable return on investment so that our customers can maximize their economic and environmental bottom lines.

NWCA Series 2 washable turbocharger air filters are custom fabricated to fit the silencer dimensions of leading turbocharger manufacturers such as ABB, MAN and Mitsubishi MET.


Low initial pressure drop

Designed to reduce compressor contamination and protect the charge air cooler

A key factor in the reduction of SFOC due to lower average differential pressure values across the cooler

Complete silencer intake coverage eliminates blow-by

Reduced filter maintenance time. Easily cleaned with a degreaser agent

Eliminates disposable roll media inventories, cutting time and disposal costs of used filter media

Significant cost savings (10 year warranty) Environmentally Responsible

Endorsed by Wartsila