Exhaust Gas Recirculation (E.G.R. System)

  • Engineering experts focusing on the maritime energy transition
  • Environment and climate require sustainable solutions for marine exhaust emissions
  • Usual solutions (LNG conversions or SCR retrofits) are coming with high CAPEX and OPEX
  • C-ENERGY Technologies provides an E.G.R. system for any possible marine or stationary application
  • C-ENERGY Exhaust Gas Recirculation E.G.R. system is a proven design
  • Providing EEXI and CII compliance for existing diesel engines
  • Robust and reliable NOx reduction solution
  • Verified functionality, performance and durability
  • Small dimensions of E.G.R. box
  • Easy to install and easy access for engine services
  • Constant Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)